Happy Habitat Homeowners ...

...need safe, secure storage for their children's bicycles and outside toys!

...need safe, secure storage for their lawn mowers and tools to keep their home looking good!

Introducing the...

    "i-Give-A-Shed" project?

Helping Habitat homeowners be successful homeowners.
Engaging Habitat volunteers in meaningful construction when not working on a "build."
Giving Habitat supporters a great opportunity to contribute to the mission's success! 

For Habitat Homeowners...

Not only does Habitat Dutchess build safe and decent homes for qualifying families to purchase with an affordable mortgage, we also try to make sure that  each Habitat homeowner is successful in every aspect of homeownership.

Most Habitat homes do not have a garage. And we know that keeping lawnmowers and bicycles and other outdoor gear secure from theft and the elements can be a challenge. 

The i-Give-A-Shed project will give Habitat homeowners the opportunity to solve this program by making 8'x8' sheds available, using the same Habitat model that they used in purchasing their home. 

For Habitat Volunteers...

Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County knows that its construction volunteers are happiest when they BUILD!  Sometimes, however, the organization is "between builds." And most recently, social distancing rules prevent us from working on Habitat homes.  So, we're launching our first-ever i-Give-A-Shed project.   

Shed panels can be built at a volunteer's home, church, business or any other location!  Material for the panel can be provided by Habitat, or the volunteer can make an even bigger impact by purchasing the material themselves. Volunteers uses their own tools.The shed construction follows a simple design that even novice builders can follow. Completed shed panels (floor or walls) are brought to the Habitat warehouse where they will be stored. Then panels will be transported to a Habitat build site for assembly at its new home. 

For Friends of Habitat...

i-Give-A-Shed is the perfect opportunity for anyone who believes in the Habitat mission. Because you "Give-A-Shed,"  Habitat homeowners can secure their children's bicycles. They can properly stow their lawn mowers. They can keep their backyard gear clean & safe.

When you donate to "i-Give-A-Shed," you will be recognized with an inscription (of your choice, if you'd like) on the very shed panel that you made possible.  The Habitat family will be reminded of your generosity for years. 

By helping with the construction of a shed panel, with either your tools or your wallet, YOU are contributing to a Habitat family's future success in their new home and in their new community. 

Plan a 

"Team Building~Shed Building Day" 

Building a shed with family, friends, church group, co-workers, civic group, or teammates is really FUN!   A Team Building ~ Shed Building Day is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community, learn new skills, get wonderful social media exposure and make awesome memories!
Groups work with expert Habitat builders as they start the day with a pile of lumber and end the day with a beautiful shed.
EMAIL today to schedule a unique Habitat experience for your group. You'll be so glad you did!

Click HERE to indicate how you'd like to participate in the "i-Give-A-Shed" project.

Click HERE to make a monetary donation to the "i-Give-A-Shed" project.

Click HERE to find out how to obtain a shed through the "i-Give-A-Shed" project.

What is the process of  


To start, Habitat volunteers and supporters are invited to complete the "i-Give-A-Shed" survey to indicate exactly how they'd like to contribute. Tell us if you'd like to build a shed panel or sponsor a panel. Tell us about delivery choices.  Click/touch the survey image to go to the survey.

If you indicate that you'd like to build a shed panel, which is super easy, step-by-step instructions will be emailed to you. And don't worry if you have questions! A construction coordinator will be available for questions during your shed panel building!

Once you're confirmed as an "i-Give-A-Shed" builder, we'll help with arrangements to get the lumber and hardware you'll need. Ideally, the volunteer purchases and arranges delivery. But material can also be picked up from the Habitat Dutchess warehouse (Route 9, Poughkeepsie, behind Red Lobster), or we can deliver it.

With step-by-step instructions and all the necessary material, you build shed panel(s)!  You can build in the comforts of your own yard, or you can build in our Habitat parking lot. When the panel(s) are complete, we store them at Habitat until a qualified Habitat homeowner needs a shed!  (it won't be long!). 

When a qualified homeowner is identified, then the panels will be taken from the warehouse to the home in the ReStore box truck. The panels will be assembled on-site by a few volunteers, with a strong and sturdy 8x8 shed in place that will last years and years. 

Watch Habitat volunteers build a shed...

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Click HERE to indicate how you'd like to participate in the "i-Give-A-Shed" project.

Click HERE to make a monetary donation to the "i-Give-A-Shed" project.

Click HERE to find out how to obtain a shed through the "i-Give-A-Shed" project.

Where & What you can BUILD....

Build at your home, or in the Habitat parking lot (8 Neptune Road, off Route 9, Poughkeepsie, behind Red Lobster), ...
...from material that you picked-up (if you have the capability) or had delivered to your home.

Basic Wall

Wall with Window

Wall with Door

Floor Deck


Once assembled, the finished sheds will contribute to the Habitat mission in one of 3 ways:

  • Sheds can be assembled at a Habitat construction site, and left for the new homeowners;
  • Sheds can be made available for purchase at ReStore;
  • Sheds can be used as an awesome raffle prize in a Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County Fund Raiser! 

Sponsor  a  panel!

If you're not good with tools, but want to contribute to this "i-Give-A-Shed" project, or want to do even more than swing a hammer,...

how about covering the cost of a panel?!  

Estimated cost of material for one wall panel is $80. 
Estimated cost of material for a panel with door is $120.

Each panel will have an inscription of the name(s) of its sponsor(s). 
As a sponsor, you can also include a special message to have etched into the shed, as a permanent contribution to the Habitat mission.

Click HERE to indicate how you'd like to participate in the "i-Give-A-Shed" project.

Click HERE to make a monetary donation to the "i-Give-A-Shed" project.

Click HERE to find out how to obtain a shed through the "i-Give-A-Shed" project.